Get Legal Representation for Murder or Manslaughter Cases

In the United States, the only state-level offense for which the death penalty remains a potential sentence is murder. Murder, therefore, can be a particularly heinous charge.

The facts and circumstances that lead to an accusation of murder, however, can be as varied and as convoluted as human nature itself. Those facts and circumstances are precisely what may form the basis of your defense if you have been charged with the crime of murder or manslaughter in Kansas or Missouri.

The criminal offense of murder can be charged at different levels, or degrees, based on the evidence the State believes it has against you. The difference between those degrees, or between murder and manslaughter, can mean the difference between facing the death penalty and facing a relatively short prison sentence.

Few murders occur without a story that explains what led to the killing. Some stories even provide a legal justification for the killing, allowing the accused to walk away without any penalty.

If you have been charged with murder, or manslaughter, you need an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney on your side to tell your story. You need our experienced and committed criminal defense attorney, Heath Stuart, on your side.